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Accueil - Malik LAAZOUZI


Faculty & Guest Speakers
Professor of Law, Panthéon-Assas University
Ceci est une image de Malik Laazouzi

Malik LAAZOUZI is the founder of the LL.M. AWArDS. He focuses on international arbitration and private international law. Since 2013, he co-holds the yearly column on investment arbitration in the French Revue de l’arbitrage. He has also co-authored a book dedicated to the law of international contracts, which deals extensively with international commercial arbitration. He has authored a book on international administrative contracts and co-holds the column on international contracts in a leading French law review (Revue des contrats) and has published numerous articles about investment arbitration, international commercial arbitration and international litigation, among others.

Pr. LAAZOUZI is regularly invited to speak or teach abroad. His recent engagements include teaching international commercial arbitration in Dubai and Mauritius, or giving a special course at the Arbitration Academy (July 2019). He has also been recently a guest speaker during conferences dedicated to international arbitration in New Delhi (Dec. 2019), Port Louis (June 2019) or at King’s College London (June 2019).

He often drafts legal opinions or expert reports in international arbitration proceedings (and in arbitration-related proceedings before French courts) under the rules of the ICC, ICSID and ad hoc (including UNCITRAL).

He is a member of the French Committee on Arbitration, the International Arbitration Institute and the French Committee on Private International Law. Since 2012, he has been an active member of the Arbitration Academy (member of the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and the Selection Committee).

Pr. LAAZOUZI is also the director of the LL.M. in International Business Law (Mauritius’s campus) and the director the Paris 2 – Panthéon-Assas University’ Law Exchange Programs (U.S.A./Canada).