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Accueil - On campus

On campus

On campus
Plafond lumineux du hall d'Assas
A University community steeped in history and traditions

Paris-Panthéon-Assas University is deeply attached to the history and inherited values that form the very basis of its traditions. Those traditions are maintained and honoured throughout the academic year.

Key academic events, such as the formal ceremony organised to welcome 1st year students, the evening held in honour of the valedictorians of each master’s degree, or the many prestigious cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, bring together all those who are the very heart and soul of the University and allow them to collectively express together their pride and celebrate the virtues of study, tolerance and freedom of thought. These are the values for which the University stands, as it has done for over eight hundred years. The same sense of identity also drives the University’s ever loyal alumni community.

Last but not least, the daily work of a vast number of student organisations, proposing cultural events, sports meetings, demonstrations, etc., helps make our students feel at home, confident in their work and talent, shaping our invaluable community of knowledge, with which each individual can identify.

Students associations

At the origin of fifty or more associations, are students willing to take on all issues (academics, sports, music, societal debates, acts of solidarity), defending their opinions and predilections, affirming their centers of interest, promoting their university.  They create spaces of mutual help and conviviality as constructive as they are formative, where, even in the air of festivity, their core values of democracy, citizenship, justice, and creativity hold firm.

For those wanting to create an association, the Cultural Service is there to help, assisting with the modalities or eventually attributing financial aid through the FSDIE (Fonds de solidarité et de développement des initiatives étudiantes).

These associations are opened to all those willing to invest actively in their university, to take part in its rich and varied campus life!


You can choose over sixty athletic activities (among them rowing, boxing, fencing, soccer, swimming, rugby, yoga, etc.), as well as specialized training. Spread over 200 time slots, from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on Monday through Friday, these opportunities are accessible at beginning, intermediate, and competition levels.